Per 10 oz jar makes 8 oz of scrub


  • 4oz fine sea salt
  • 4oz oz olive oil or sweet almond oil
  • 1 tbsp ground dried rose petals
  • 1 tbsp ground dried coriander


  • Fill jar to with salt
  • Add powdered herbs and mix well
  • Fill jar slowly with desired fatty oil; sweet almond, organic olive oil.  Mix in oil and salt till completely well saturated in oil.  Add a touch of extra oil if needed.
  • Store in a cool place

Be prepared to wipe out excess oil from the tub.


Use 1-4 tablespoons on the whole body massaging vigorously, avoiding the face and eyes.

Foot baths:  1+tbsp of salt scrub per foot.  Massage in well to each foot.  Soak and relax feet in warm water while drinking  a soothing cup of tea.


Your oil will be rich in the aromas of rose petals and coriander seeds. Both aromas are considered aphrodisiac, restorative and soothing.  Roses are adored for comforting the heart and mind.  The powerful aroma of a rose is responsible for some of rose’s antiviral and antimicrobial constituents. 

Note: The volatile, aromatic constituents  of medicinal and aromatic plants kill germs. Thus, they can help  to relieve athletes’ foot when  used in a foot scrub or to soothe a herpes virus outbreak when using specific herbs and essential oils topically to help the herpes virus remain more latent.

This formula is deliciously aromatic and soothing to the skin and mind.  Salt, herb and oil scrubs are an aromatic, messy and nourishing way to self-care.  Take care if using in the shower —  oil is slippery.  Some find it useful first get the skin damp, turn off the water and scrub down the body, focusing on lymphatic areas of under the armpits, lower belly, legs, inner thighs, and arms.   Deeply scrubbing the body, polishing off dead skin, and moving our lymphatic system is a powerful way to promote immunity, relieve stress, soothe pain and inflammation, and promote longevity.  And your skin will glow and be radiant!

Exfoliate your body beautiful at least once per week with a salt and oil scrub, exfoliating loofah, skin brush or hemp skin cloth.   To promote immunity and longevity, consider finishing your bathing with a cool or  cold water finish.