I am trained in Waldorf education (a system of education inspired by philosopher Rudolph Steiner) and ran the aftercare program at Willow Wood, now known as Sunridge Charter School in Sonoma County. I was blessed to be trained by the legendary Miss Kate and Miss Linda, who ran the kinder years. 

I worked at Summerfield at Farm Camp about 20 years ago. I have also worked in church teen groups by offering a metaphysical belief system, that we are all connected and can connect in love and kindness. I created a safe and stable place to share feelings and thoughts in a family-like pod and ecosystem.

I have had the honor of teaching our children and mentors at Sonoma County local schools about herbal first-aid, tick prevention, and immunity-promoting herbal teas to promote focus, joy, and change microbes and viruses in and around us. (insert link on how to make a proper cup of tea).

I know there are no challenged teens or kids; There are grown-ups and mentors capable of seeing them and meeting them where they are, with respect, strong boundaries, and loving-kindness. Kids need to be seen and mentored one on one. We will provide the fertile ground to nourish talent, passion, and joy for the arts, health, and wellness.