Trinity Ava

Artist, mother, mover, gardener and lover of food as medicine

Herbal Medicine is Her Passion

Trinity Ava is trained in Eastern and Western herbal medicine with an emphasis on using essential oils in collaboration with traditional herbal medicine. Trinity offers over 20 years of teaching and clinical experience; she is core faculty at the California School of Herbal Studies, and adjunct faculty at Bastyr University. Trinity offers decades of experience with formulation strategy, sustainability, strategic branding, and regulatory compliance as a consultant to the natural products industry. She brings an ease of understanding how herbs work for home and family care and how medicinal and aromatic plants can sustainably benefit people, planet and profit in the evolving industry of herbal dietary supplements and herbal topical care.

For decades, Trinity Ava has worked with and trained thousands of brokers and retail partners in the natural products industry to increase personal health and sales goals. She offers easy to understand herbal education tailored to sales teams, and the fast pace this lifestyle offers. She offers herbal insights for how to stay and live healthy with traditional herbal wisdom, diet and lifestyle tips while hitting sales goals above projections and forecast.

Her intention is to empower individuals to utilize and understand how to use herbal medicine safely, sustainably and effectively, based on science and herbal traditions from around the globe.

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