Trinity Ava is an artist, mother, mover, gardener and lover of food as medicine. 

To Inspire and Empower

Her intention is to empower individuals to utilize and understand how to use herbal medicine safely, sustainably and effectively, based on science and herbal traditions from around the globe.

Verdant Consulting Services

Trinity offers decades of experience working with numerous herbal and herbal skin care companies as a natural products industry consultant. Trinity has had the honor and privilege of guiding and or working for the following brands:

Tadin Herb and Tea Company

Organic India

USAID- Morocco

Traditional Medicinals


Urban Moonshine

Trinity Ava is an artist, mother, mover, gardener and lover of food as medicine.

She is trained in Eastern and Western herbal medicine with an emphasis on using essential oils in collaboration with traditional herbal medicine. Trinity offers over 20 years of teaching and clinical experience; she is core faculty at the California School of Herbal Studies, and adjunct faculty at Bastyr University. Trinity offers decades of experience with formulation strategy, sustainability, strategic branding, and regulatory compliance as a consultant to the natural products industry.

Kind Words from Averil M. Bach

Thank you, Trinity for a thorough, open discussion. My brain was hurting towards the end as well, so much wonderful info.

I’m sure you get the comment a lot but, you are so very passionate about the beauteous plant life and properties as well as excellent with people and making everyone feel like their questions or hesitations are valid and okay. Warm energy in a professor is very key and is often left out (and then I can’t retain as much!).

I stopped off at Whole Foods on my way home last night to grab some of my favorite veggies and local organic mushrooms and had some kindly roasted veggies for dinner along with a condiment size of chicken. I also picked up some Tulsi tea which I am getting used to the flavor. For my boyfriend’s sake with the poison oak, I purchased some Aztec 100% powdered green clay and had my boyfriend lather his entire body. He was in favor of that. Also giving him echinacea and will try the tumeric tea tonight with some milk.

Thank you, Trinity. I look forward to our next class.

Kind Words from Natalie

I hope you are enjoying the weekend! I had to dash out at 5 last class and did not personally thank you. Thank you, again and again, for the book references you gave last week. I had been looking for a geeked out book like ‘Herbal Constiuents’ for a while, to supplement other resources. In general, I appreciate all the references you give, books and teachers (wow David Hoffman) and ideas and particular herbs. I like that you talk a whole spectrum of herbal languages, from folk ways to science talk to experiential knowledge. It’s interesting, you bring such diverse voices into the conversation. I have been really enjoying our classes, all the questions, moments of understanding and energy it brings – many thanks : )

Kind Words

This weekend’s intensive was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, experience and beautiful personality! The result of the two days is that I am excited! And rededicated to learning more about EOs and also more about herbalism.

Kind Words from Colleen Bingham

I took your AMAZING skin care classes last year, they changed my life forever 🙂

I hope that this is the best way to get a hold of you… I wanted to let you know that I have a small skin care business of my own homemade creations, and have been heavily influenced by the 3 part daily skin care program that you introduced me to. I have actually begun marketing my own 3 part daily skin care kit. The thing is, I just moved into the area, onto some land in Freestone, and am looking forward to getting my products in to some of the local stores- there are a few cute places for local artisan crafters in Occidental and Bodega, etc. Just want you to know that I honor your amazingness and hope that I have your blessing in my endeavors. So…if you see KaliBean around, know that YOU played a pivotal role in the evolution of my formulating and introduced me to some seriously revolutionary concepts that I am now trying to introduce to my clientele 🙂

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